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About Somnath Temple And Somnath City

Somnath's temple is the world's first Shiva temple. According to the recognition of Hindus all over the world, it is the first Jyotirlinga of 12 Jyotirlingas. Night and day, morning and the evening, should be cold or hot, without stopping and getting tired Arabian sea always keeps washing the holy feet of Somnath Temple. Somnath word has been created in combination with two words. Som and Nath. Soma means that the moon and Nath would mean the Lord or God. So Somnath means the owner of the moon or Lord of the Moon. Due to the Somnath Temple, the entire Prabhas area is considered sacred. The area in which this spiritual temple is situated known as Prabhash Patan. It is said that this temple of Lord Shiva split by "Mahmud" (king of Ghazni Afghanistan) seventeen times and took away all the diamonds, gems, gold and silver from here to Afghanistan in loot. Somnath Temple has been robbed for seventeen times, this thing seems to be more fanciful than ever. And it's a whole thing like that. This is not possible in today's times when so many sophisticated furnishings exist. So this is not possible thousands of years ago. According to some historians, Somnath temple has been plundered more than twice.

Along with Hindus people of other religions from all over the world visit the holy Somnath temple of Lord Shiva And make themselves pure and sanctified. If you did not see Somnath Temple morning's view so you have seen nothing and missed the opportunity of life. The pavilion-filled courtyard, the slow light of the sun, the sound of bouncing sea waves. And between them the bell and the nostalgia of the morning aarti, Just relax, this is the time to stop and we continue to enjoy this unprecedented time. The enjoyment of a clean, fresh, gentle and pure body and feels like we have become free from all sins.

The Somnath city, also known as Prabhash Patan, is a small village and is close to the town of Veraval. Somnath's population is appro to forty thousand and people of every community are found here. Because of the hard work of Gujarat tourism, every facility is available for the tourists in Somnath today. Apart from the Somnath Trust's Leisure houses, Dharamasalayas and Restaurant, there are also some nice budget hotels, luxurious hotels and restaurants available here. Access to Somnath is available in almost every major and small cities of Gujarat. The bus service of Gujarat State Transport connects every small big city of Gujarat to Somnath. Several trains of Western Railway come to Somnath from many cities of Gujarat and India. Somnath has two railway stations, one is Somnath railway station which is one kilometer away from Somnath Temple and the other is the Veraval railway station which is eight kilometers away from Somnath temple. The Airports of Diu, Porbandar, and Rajkot are near the Somnath Temple. Diu Airport is 100 kilometers away, Rajkot Airport is 200 kilometers away and Porbandar Airport is about 140 kilometers away. Airport work has started in Somnath but it is difficult to tell when it will start.


Apart from the Somnath Temple, there are many other places where you can see in Somnath.  

Old Somnath Temple 

Old Somnath Temple is the most important one. Old Somnath temple is in front of the new Somnath temple and it was built by Ahilyabai. It is said that the original place of LordShiva Shrine was seen by Aahilyabai in a dream and after that Ahilyabai built Somnath temple which is today known as Old Somnath Temple.


Triveni Sangam Of Somnath

Around one kilometer from Somnath Temple, there is a confluence of three rivers (Kapila, Hiran, Saraswati) and this place is called Triveni Sangam. The best time to visit this place is either in an early morning or in an evening. Be careful here as the steps on the bank of this river is very slippery and many have lost their lives here. 



Shardapith of Somnath is run by Shri Dwarka Shardapith, it is one kilometer away from Somnath Temple and is just opposite of Triveni Sangam. Shree Sharda Peeth is the place where Shri Kamath Mahadev's temple, the cave of Shankaracharya, the throne of the Shankaracharya and model of all 12 Jyotirling is to be found.


Shree Parsuram Mandir

Parasuram Temple is just behind Somnath's newly built Ram temple on the Triveni Sangam road. This temple dedicated to Lord Parasuram has two old Kunds and there is also two Shivalinga dedicated to Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman.


Dehutoktan Teerth

Dehutoktan Teerth which is also known as Golok Tirtha or Golok Dham Tirtha is situated on the bank of Hiren River. It is one and a half kilometers away from Somnath temple and half a kilometer from Triveni Sangam. It is believed that from this place Lord Krishna left this world and went back to Deolok. There are also some places here like Geeta Mandir, Baldevji Cave etc. 


Surya Mandir

The Sun Temple is in close proximity to Shardamtha and it is only one kilometer from Somnath Temple. This temple situated in front of the Triveni Sangam is dedicated to the Sun God, here you can also see the cave of panch Pandavas.


Bhalka Teerth

Bhalka Tirtha temple is three kilometers away from Somnath Temple and if you are coming from Veraval to Somnath then this temple falls on the road itself. It is believed that when Bheel releases the arrow, it went to the foot of the Lord Shri Krishna, who was resting under a tree. This temple also comes under must see place.


Shrine inside the sea

This is also a place to visit which is 2 Km from Somnath Temple. Here you will able to see 3 Shivlingas inside the sea. You can easily go nearby this Shivlingas and perform darshan.


Somnath Beach

A place to enjoy in Somnath. Best time to visit Somnath Beach is 4 PM. You can enjoy horse riding, camel rides, photography, with roasted corn, buffed corn, American corn, pav bhaji, green coconut, yellow coconut. The entrance of the beach is just near to the entrance of Somnath Temple. Be careful as Sea here is very dangerous and many have lost their lives here. Beach closing time is 7 PM. 

 Best Time To Visit Somnath Temple

If you are thinking of seeing this wondrous temple of Lord Shiva with your family, then the best time is from August to February. Avoid seasonal dates like Maha Shivratri, Kartik Poornima, Diwali, Holi, Navratri. There is huge traffic in all these festivals and hotels charges get double or triple. 

Local Sight Seeing By Car :

Time : 3 Hours / 1500 Rs 

Local Sight Seeing By Auto :

Time 3 Hours / 500 Rs

Local Sight Seeing By Somnath Trust Bus (Not Good Option For Families)

Time 3 Hours / 20 Rs

The distance of other nearby cities from Somnath:

 Diu: 80 Km | Sasan Gir: 40 Km | Junagadh: 90 KM | Dwarika: 232 | Tulsishyam: 100 KM |


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